Fertimasters(Fertigation Bench):

We offer range of Fertimasters according to the customer need and requirement. From time base to completely volumetric; from small scale to large scale complex, multi-location farms, with and without EC/pH controls of irrigation. Details of few of our standard models are here with:

Fertigation Machine

EC+pH Control

EC & pH are the most important parameters to achieve high yields. Every crop has different requirement for EC & pH at different stages. This also reduce fertilizer application & maximize the uptake of nutrients by the plant.

Greenhouse Automation:

For Naturally Ventilated greenhouses, Installation of Side Rolling Curtains and Automation for the same facilitates the climate control.


Light Intensity inside the greenhouses can be controlled with Automatic Internal Shadenet movement. A sensor based mechanism is installed to regulate the operations for shade net to control light.


Climate Control:

We are offering a Greenhouse Automation System such to give an obliged atmosphere to the harvest, nursery contains atmosphere control. The offered systems are manufactured utilizing the best quality Greenhouse Automation Systems parts and modern innovation Parameters under control will be Temperature, Humidity, Light Intensity, Photo Active Radiance (PAR), CO2, and other watering system parameters. For the same Fan and Pad framework, Fogging, Shade net, is controlled with sensor feedback.

Special Controls:

Automatic Backflush Control System: Features as below

  • Flushing triggered by DP and/or Time and/or Volume.
  • Manual or Automatic operation.
  • Flexible flushing cycle, duration, inter-valve delay.
  • Low pressure wait.
  • Counters of starts by DP/time/volume.
  • Events report.
  • Multiple filter batteries control.
  • Optional definition of main valve.