Special Purpose Controllers

Automatic Backflush Control System: Features as below

  • Flushing triggered by DP and/or time.

  • Operation by DP only.

  • Manual operation.

  • Flexible flushing cycle.

  • Flexible flushing duration.

  • Flexible DP looping limit definition.

  • Flexible inter-valves delay.

  • Flexible DP reaction delay.

  • Low pressure wait.

  • Counters of starts by DP/time/volume.

  • Events report.

  • Multiple filter batteries control.

  • Optional definition of main valve.

  • Flushing triggered by volume.

  • External flushing counter (optional).

  • Programmed via dip switches.

  • Programmed via rotary switches.

  • Programmed via disply + key board.

  • Energy source: 9V, 12V battery OR Solar Battery.