Fertigation Pumps(Dosing Pumps)

The objectives of fertigation is to add necessary nutrition in precise quantities for optimal growth of crops. Precision Fertigation Pumps(MixRite) technology offers a Superior solution in injection technology for dosing of fertilizers, pesticides & other water-soluble products into the irrigation line.

An Ideal solution for Proportional Fertigation with following features:

  • Ensures precise fertilizer injection directly into the Irrigation line under various flow rates, feed ratios and different ranges of pressure. Ensures Precise Injection of Fertilizer as per the defined feed rate, even at different working pressures.
  • Fertigation_Pump_Installation

    Mixes Precise quantity of fertilizer with water through out the irrigation cycle.

  • Dosing rates are easily adjustable.
  • No Electricity needed.
  • Highly chemical resistance.
  • Highly resistant to UV.
  • Simple & user friendly


  • Substantial Reduction in Fertilizers Cost, due to less fertilizer consumption, by highly increasing the fertilizer use Efficiency(over traditional methods of venturi and fertilizer tanks).
  • Increase in Yields due to increase in fertilizer use efficiency.
  • MixRite2.5

    No chance of manual errors.

  • Convenience of application(need not to be present there to assure injection).
  • Easy Installation.
  • Easy Maintenance.

Operating Principle:

  • The unit will automatically start working when water


    is flowing in the water line and turn off when water stops.

  • Also has ON/OFF mode.

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