Greenhouses & Shadehouses

Greenhouses & Shade-houses:

Neel Agrotech is India’s leading supplier of Greenhouses & is well know for offering “value for money” & “reliability”; offering required specifications at very good prices compared to any other Indian company. With Greenhouses, we are are a “One Stop Solution” offering customized solutions viz., right from a Turnkey Project, to supply of just Greenhouses and related equipments, accessories and inputs for your single window requirement.


Greenhouses equipments and accessories includes: Automation & Fertigation bench(with mobile control software), Irrigation Systems, Dosing Pumps, Trellising, Growing System, Growing media, planting material, etc.), according to your customized requirement. Some standard designs of Greenhouses are herein listed below. We also supply: ready to assemble Greenhouses in the form of “Greenhouse Kits” made as per customized requirements.

We also offer low cost/economical Greenhouses for community Projects and group growers for developing countries.

For your long-term requirement, we can also produce/contract Greenhouse production at a very competitive prices that can give a competitive edge in the international market.

We offer Range of Greenhouses:

  • Designs of Greenhouses:
  • We range of Greenhouse Designs viz. Naturally ventilated, Forced cooling and ventilated, Gothic designs with Open-able Roof, Saw tooth with maximum vents. Our Standard frames range from a span of 6, 8 and 9.6meters with a bay of 4 and 5 meters.
  • Automation: We offer a range of automation solutions for Greenhouses. Right from Fertigation Systems, Climate Control, Roof Automation, Internal shade-net automation, curtain automation, Air-circulation system, cooling system, low cost Fog Automation system, etc.
  • Fertigation Bench/ Fertimasters: A complete system for Irrigation & Fertigation automation for different flow rates, line-sizes, sensor based closed-loop control system. A decision support system for crop irrigation & fertigation requirements.
Fertigation Machine
  • Irrigation Systems: for a turnkey supply we offer a complete Irrigation system from our OEM associate partners of a very repute & well known makes.
  • Dosing Pumps: Proportional Dosing pumps, a cost-effective solution for precision dosing of fertilizers & acid solution in irrigation application.
Proportional Fertilizer Dosing Pump
  • Air Mixing System: Greenhouse air mixing system comprise of horizontal air flow fans installation & control, designed in a calculative way to assure homogeneous temperature throughout the greenhouse area inside.
Motorization of Internal Shade Net in Greenhouse
  • Growing system: Hydroponic growing accessories, Troughs, Grow-bags, Pots growing, Trellising accessories, all for the success of greenhouse project in any adverse situation.
  • Growing media: Apart from soil, the growing media for soil-less cultivation, i.e. cocopeat, perlite, vermiculite, or a mix of alternate growing media to help out the soil based problems in greenhouse cultivation.
  • Planting material: Speciality planting materials & quality seeds for Greenhouse Cultivation. Capsicum, Cherry Tomato, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Melons, Lettuce, Broccoli etc.

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