Open Field Agri-Projects: Plan, Execution, Supervision & Management (Cereals, Pulses, tuber crops, etc.)

Open Field Horticultural Projects are highly productive projects with less amount of investment. Adaptation of technology and scalability of such projects have proven good returns from such projects.

Critical Success Factors for such projects lie with:

  • Micro-Irrigation: Drip and Micro Sprinklers along with Fogging System.
  • Irrigation & Fertigation Control Systems.
  • High Quality, High Yielding Tissue Cultured planting materials for Banana, Pomegranate, etc.
  • Appropriate Crop & Varietal Selections.
  • Integrated Crop Management(Crop Production): Agronomy, Nutrition & Fertigation Management, Integrated Pest & Disease Management.
  • Innovations in Input Management.
  • Packing Shed and Cold Room.
  • Marketing & Buybacks: Market Intelligence & Demand Trends to assure sustainability.