Hi-tech Plug Nursery

This is a novel technology for production and distribution of Hi-Tech Agriculture quality nursery for high value vegetable crops. At present many farmers have adapted protected cultivation technology but their success ratio is still a problem. In open field vegetable cultivation, farmers have no choice of the varieties like, heat resistance, high yielding, disease and pest tolerance etc. One of the major factors behind this is lack of availability of disease free quality seedlings. This project here fills up the gap between expected and actual production by supplying reliable and quality products.

With the growing market for protected cultivation, the market for high quality vegetable seedlings has emerged. Currently this is being catered by un-organized nurseries where quality and reliability are still a big question to farmer. This project is to fulfil the demand of quality seedlings for vegetables to assure farmers disease free, high vigour planting materials on which farmers can rely for best of the results in terms of quality and yield.