Neel Agrotech: A complete Agri-Technology & Service Provider

About Us:

Neel Agrotech is a professional Agri-Technology company offering & implementing innovative, cost-effective solutions for new generation Agri-technologies in Smart Irrigation, Protected Agriculture, Hydroponics, Automation in Agriculture along with Consulting, Concept Development, Fund raising, Total & Turnkey Solutions for Protected & modern Agricultural Projects, for variety of crops & making forward linkages of markets. Over a period of time Neel has built up team of technical experts and well equipped and balance force of people in all aspects of management. Neel’s approach is always on providing solutions to the Agri-Food industry and making their business profitable which necessarily requires customer-centric approach with a professional attitude. It has also a pioneer in bringing some of such technologies to the country(India).

Our Vision:

  • Achieve excellence in offering cost-effective Smart Agri-Technologies, Solutions & Services to increase Productivities, Predictability, & grow Safe Food. Integrate Forward & Backward linkages for Sustainable Growth with Products, Systems and Markets at its core.
  • Regenerate Business Models by Partnering, Associating and sharing Profits. Grow and develop in harmony with a biologically diverse environment and countryside..

Our Mission:

  • Give Knowledge, Solutions, Products & Services to enable our Customers to “Succeed” and with “Answers that Matter”.
  • Provide Growth, Prosperity, Peace and Pride to our Team, Shareholders, Associates, and the Agriculture Community at large.

Our Philosophy:

  • We trust Ourselves, our Team, our Customers, our Vendors; Respect our Competitors and believe in God.
  • It is also our earnest Belief that nothing of Permanent and Perennial Value is created overnight. Every Rewarding, worthwhile Achievement is the result of yesterday’s Work, Vision and Dream. Every successful tomorrow requires conceptualization in the form of Ideas and Thoughts, and crystallization thereof through efforts to be done today. What we Sow, we Reap.

Governing Values:

  • To build trust through Honesty, Integrity and Teamwork.
  • To search for and live by Correct Principles.
  • We welcome Innovation & Pro-Activity to manage change.
  • When we make Mistakes, we Admit it and Correct it as soon as possible.
  • We will develop and build Leaders for the Future by insisting on professional excellence.
  • We will treat everyone with Openness, Honesty and Respect they deserve.
  • We will build a Team-Based Organization by sharing knowledge, Empowering our team and eliminating bureaucracy.
  • We will focus on End-Results, not Activities.
  • We believe in keeping our Commitments, Working Hard, always being Safety Conscious and, last but not the least, Having Fun.