Tissue Culture Unit

A revolutionary concept of cultivating millions of plants in the laboratory, avoiding seeds is the tissue culture. From a tiny single mother plant tissue, millions of bud/plants are created in laboratory.

In plant tissue culture technology quality materials which can resist diseases are produced through micro-propagation.

A whole plant can be regenerated from a small tissue or plant cells in a suitable culture medium under controlled environment. The plant-lets so produced are called plant tissue culture raised plant. These plant-lets are a true copy of the mother plant and show all characteristics identical to the mother plant. For example, if the mother plant is high yielding plant the plant-lets will also be high yielding. Many plant species are presently being propagated through tissue culture successfully.

The greatest advantage of tissue culture technique is in the least loss in cultivation. In conventional seed plantation 10-20% seeds are lost during germination, 10-15% seeds are lost in plant propagation and further losses occur due to pest and insects. Tissue culture avoids these losses.